How to Get a Virtual Phone Number For Your Smartphone

How to get a virtual phone number? A virtual phone number is simply a phone number that is not tied to a particular location. Virtual numbers are used to either make or received calls on any telephone, including mobile phones, VoIP phones, or other softphones. Virtual phone numbers offer greater anonymity over your regular landlines and also give added privacy over your mobile phones.

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A large amount of the time people use their cellular telephone to make and receive calls, they do so from an area code that is different than their home or business numbers. Because most people own more than one cell phone number, they have the opportunity to make and receive calls from all of the different numbers. Although you can change your residential and business phone numbers at any time, the problem of having the same number for both cellular and landline calls is easily overcome. You can make calls from your virtual phone system from any place with Internet access and a modern computer terminal.

One of the ways to get a virtual phone number when you don’t have a local number is by utilizing what is known as a “virtual toll-free” telephone line. These toll-free lines are provided by some local phone companies. Some of these local phone companies provide their customers with toll-free numbers that connect directly to their servers. By using this type of virtual phone line, you can connect your local number to your toll free number and make unlimited local calls for a set monthly rate.

For individuals who have a home telephone number and do not wish to switch to a cell phone there is another way to get a virtual telephone number. This method requires that you subscribe to a service such as RingCentral or Universe Wireless where they will provide you with a toll-free “virtual number” that can be used just like a local telephone number. These systems are usually inexpensive and require only your email address and payment methods such as credit card or PayPal.

For businesses that use their smartphones for business calls and receive VoIP calls from clients, how to get a virtual telephone number for a smartphone is to utilize what is called a hosted VoIP service. These services provide businesses with telephone service via their smartphones. They do not need to purchase or install any hardware or software. Instead, a business can simply connect its smartphone to its service provider’s server and receive telephone calls as if they were making calls from a traditional telephone line. Businesses must purchase an adapter from their service provider to attach their smartphone to the server, but once they do that, they are set to receive unlimited calls to any toll-free number and they no longer have to pay for costly VoIP call rates.

As previously mentioned, businesses have many options when it comes to choosing a solution for how to get a virtual phone number. For smaller businesses, it may be best to use third party virtual phone numbers providers. These are typically offered by smaller companies who may not have the resources to invest in buying and maintaining their own network infrastructure. If a business needs a stronger and more reliable network than third-party providers can provide, however, they may want to consider using their own internal networks. There are also some larger businesses that may decide to go completely digital and eliminate analog lines altogether.

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